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Round Pipes
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MS Pipes

We offer an exhaustive range of round MS Round Pipes in both standard as well as customized forms. These round MS pipes are made by us from high quality imported steel to be in tune with international quality standards. They are used for drinking water supply and the use of chlorination and sodium silicate inhibit corrosion in mild steel pipes.

Round Pipes

The MS Round Pipes are widely in demand for construction and structural work. Made in accordance with industry standards, the round pipe is high in strength with excellent load bearing strength. These are extensively used in manufacturing boilers, condensers and medical equipment.


  • High strength
  • Can bear heavy load
  • Rust proof finish
  • Dimensional tolerance
  • Resistance to high temperature and pressure level


  • Electrical industry
  • Mechanical industry
  • Construction industry
  • Architectural work

Technical Specifications

  • Available in : IS1239, ISME1161, IS3589
  • Available Sizes : 1/2" OD thru 24" OD

GI Pipes

GI Pipes/Galvanized steel pipes are covered by a layer of zinc. GI pipes and tubes are mostly used in structural applications. GI steel pipes and tubes are available in various size and shapes based on the customers requirements.

Pipes and tubing made of GI steel has long been one of the most used building materials in the world. For decades, designers, builders and consumers seeking long-term structural performance in the harshest of outdoor applications have turned to zinc-coated steel pipes. Zinc-coated galvanized steel pipes and tube resist the attack of wind, water and road salts.

Galvanized Steel is steel that has been covered with a layer of zinc metal. During galvanizing, steel is immersed in a molten zinc bath, ensuring a tough, uniform barrier coating. Zinc's natural corrosion resistance provides long-term protection, even in outdoor environments. Apart from preventing water corrosion, it is equally effective in dry, indoor environments, seamless pipes.

Our range of GI pipes galvanized steel pipes and tubes are covered by a layer of zinc & are used for varied applications. These are available in various sizes and shapes based on the customer's requirements. These tubes are natural corrosion resistant and hold functional durability, even in outdoor environments. Apart from preventing water corrosion, it is equally effective in dry, indoor environments.

Application of GI Pipes

Air and Water Line - Main water supply, Plumbing / Pumping, Chilled Water Line, Sewerage, Fire fighting equipment, Waste water conveying, Cooling tower, Air duct, Chimney, Compressed Air line, Refrigerated line, In cold storage. Gas piping LPG cylinder supporting ring, Chemical transportation.

It may be used in residential water supply lines, but not gas lines because natural gas causes the zinc to flake off and clog the system. It's not frequently used for water supply lines because the minerals in the water react with the galvanizing material and form scale, which builds up over time and will eventually clog the pipe.

Indian Standards

Indian Standards: Specification IS: 1239 (Part-I) 1990 (Light, Medium & Heavy Series) Black & galvanized, plain end screwed and socketed up to 100 mm NB all series, 125 & 150 mm NB.

Indian Standards: Specification IS: 1978-1982 up to 200 mm NB grade & YST - 170 and YST - 210.

Indian Standards: Specification IS: 1161-1998 up to 150 mm NB grade & YST - 210 and YST - 240.

Indian Standards: Specification IS: 3601-1984 up to 168.3 mm OD and 7.1 mm wall thickness.

Indian Standards: Specification IS: 3589-1991 ERW Steel Tubes 150 mm to 400 mm NB.4.

Indian Standards: Specification IS: 4270-1992 ERW Steel Tubes for water wells up to 300 mm NB.