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Neha Agencies: Specifications and Uses of GI Pipes

02 June 2022
Neha Agencies
Jindal GI pipes dealer

GI Pipes or galvanised iron pipes are frequently used in many rural water delivery schemes for transporting raw water and distributing processed water where the water demand is low. GI Pipes are unquestionably the finest option when it comes to large-scale projects. They are strong, long-lasting and dust and abrasion resilient. GI pipes are also cost-effective, lightweight and easy to handle and carry.

Everything You Need to Know About GI Pipes

It's coated in zinc to prevent corrosion, and it's made from mild steel strips from Low Carbon Steel Coils. The steel strips are run through a sequence of fin rolls to obtain a circular form. The strips slit endpoints are bonded together by sending a high-frequency electric charge throughout the edges. The welded steel pipes are then sent through sizing portions to fix any dimensional faults before being cut to length by automatic cutting equipment. Finally, these are pressure-tested at random to see if there are any leaks.

There are three types of GI pipes: light, medium and heavy. Here's how to figure it out:

  1. Light (Class A): Differentiation is provided by the yellow colour.
  2. Medium (Class B): Differentiation is indicated by the blue colour.
  3. Heavy (Class C): Differentiation is indicated by the red colour.

Here are a few of the most common applications for GI Pipes:

  • Movement of water and sewage
  • Architectural purposes
  • Automotive uses
  • Electrical poles
  • Transportation of oil and gas
  • Technical purposes

Here are some of the most important characteristics of superior quality GI pipes:

  • Durability and increased ductility
  • Zinc anti-rust covering (Galvanisation)
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Better threading convenience and bendability
  • It's simple to weld, which means it'll last a long time
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The Advantages of GI Pipes

1. Ideal for major construction projects

Superior quality GI pipes in India are unquestionably ideal for large-scale construction projects such as building construction, manufacturing unit construction, irrigation management construction, etc. Because of its longevity and resistance to wear and rust, it is frequently used in major building projects.

2. Low maintenance costs

Because GI pipes are zinc-coated, they are renowned for their sturdiness and ability to last long. These pipes are significantly less expensive in the long run due to this factor. Because these pipes are corrosion-resistant, there is a low risk of leaking. GI pipes keep their qualities for a long time, requiring minimal maintenance.

3. Low-cost pipe system

Galvanisation is the most effective and cost-efficient way to protect steel or iron. The overall processing cost is quite low because the galvanisation process does not necessitate a large amount of labour. Galvanisation is a simple process that does not necessitate any heavy lifting.

What Makes Neha Agencies One of India's Leading Jindal GI Pipes Dealers?

Neha Agencies stands out as the best Jindal pipes distributor in India. All national/international inspecting and credentialing authorities, such as SGS, CE, DNV, BVQI, TUV and others, have approved us as a Jindal GI pipes dealer according to national and international requirements.